How long is the game?

The game lasts 60 minutes, to which must be added a few minutes before entering, to explain the operation, the rules of the game, and a few minutes to finish the room escape to comment on the move.

Punctuality is requested, because after your turn will come another group and you need to prepare the room.

How much does it cost?

The session worth 70€ per team, the more we are the group will be cheaper per person.

Remember that teams have to be 2 to 5 people.

What if we were late?

At 15 minutes from the time of booking, the timer will start operating and will have less time to solve the game.

No show or arrive very late, involve the loss of the right to participate in the game, and the loss of reserve money.

Can we play a group of more than 5 people?

The game space and are designed for up to 5 people, if you are more‘ll have to make two groups. You will be able to book two consecutive sessions to compete, to see which group ends Less time!

Who can participate in the Room Escape?

This game is designed for people over 18, although underage people may participate, accompanied by at least one adult, who is at least 18 years old.

Are there any limitations in the game?

This Room Escape is not dangerous, it is not claustrophobic, no frights and anyone can participate. No need to use physical force, only have to play as a team and use your wits.

If we remain silent during the game, what do we do?

You will be observed at all times by cameras located inside the room, you will receive the necessary help when ask or when your needed by our communicator.

If I need to go out during the game?

Inside the Quest Room, there is an emergency exit button, which will remain always active. The person using it can end your game and your colleagues can continue playing.

How I can cancel a reservation?

Get in touch with us to make the cancellation.

1. With 4 days before the reservation date, we will refund your money.
2. With 2 or 3 days (48h–72h) prior to the date of booking, do not we can return the money, but you can choose another day and time.
3. If you canceláis the day before or the same day, are not you can not return the money or offer other day, because we have no time to book your session again. If you find yourselves in this situation, you can give your reservation to a group of friends that yes they can take it.
4. Do not get out of the game in 60 minutes is a possibility, so the money is not returned.

I want to give someone else a session of your game, how do I do?

You can go directly to the section of this web of gift card and follow all the steps to directly purchase a virtual voucher with a unique code, and lucky to validate the date and time that will go better.

Sure you will not regret having given a unique experience.

If you have questions, contact us by email (

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