The cookies (cookies) are files that are downloaded to your computer when you access most websites. They allow a website, among other things, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or your computer (site preferences, profile, etc.) and, depending on the information contained and how to use their equipment, can be used to recognize the user.

Cookies can be themselves or others. Own domain are those established by the same website, while the others come from other external sources, such as advertisements, pictures, etc. inserted pages.

For certain functions of the website need to have cookies enabled.



The cookies do not store sensitive information about the user, but saved data technician, browsing preferences, content personalization, etc. The web server will not associate you as a person, but in your browser.



According to the period that remain active:

  • Session cookies are temporary created when the user visits the website and expire when the session ends, so you are not registered on the computer.
  • Persistent: stored on your computer beyond your browsing session. Allow websites to remember your preferences and settings when the user accesses again. They stay active for a set time, which can range from several minutes to several years.

According to the entity that manages:

  • Own: those established by the website domain you are visiting and are essential for its operation.
  • Third: from other external sources, such as advertisements, pictures, etc. inserted pages. Their statistical purposes.

According to its purpose:

  • Techniques: are the most basic and allow, among other things, whether it is browsing a human or an automated application, if an anonymous user navigates and one registered, etc. These basic tasks for running any dynamic web.
  • Analysis: collect information on the type of navigation being carried, sections that are visited, consulted products, time slot of use, language, etc. Its purpose is to make improvements based on the analysis of browsing behaviors.
  • Advertising: allow management of advertising spaces that have enabled web pages, depending on the user’s navigation, its country of origin, language, etc.


The website uses the following types of cookies to function or for statistical purposes and / or advertising:

  1. Own: session cookies and permanent technical analysis.
  2. Cookies Google owned web analytics service developed by Google that allow the measurement and analysis of navigation on websites, among many other features. According to the previous type, these third-party cookies, session and permanent, and analysis. For more information about Google’s privacy policy and how it applies to cookies can visit the following link:
  3. Other unforeseen cookies: Given the characteristics of the Internet and web sites, we can not always count on information from cookies placed by third parties website. This applies especially when your website contains integrated elements: text, documents, images or videos that are stored outside our place, but shown through it. Consequently, if it is with this type of cookies on our website and are not listed in the above list, please let us know. You can also get in touch directly with the third party to ask about places cookies, the purpose and duration, and how to ensure your privacy.

5.       ACCEPTANCE OF COOKIES POLICY displays information about your cookies policy at the bottom of any page with every login.

Given this information it is possible to carry out the following actions:

  1. Accept cookies. Will not display this warning when accessing any page of the website during the current session.
  2. More information. You can get all the information related to the web using cookies


Cookies are stored on your computer can be disabled by following the instructions of the browser itself (usually through the “Help” menu). We must remember, however, that the deactivation of some cookie may prevent or hinder navigation or services offered on this website.

We provide the links below to modify settings for cookies in browsers:

You can found more information about cookie and their deactivation at the site:


Because we understand the scope may have to disable cookies we show some examples:

  • -You may not share this site on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.
  • The site will not adapt content to your personal preferences, as often happens in online stores.
  • Can not access the personal area of this website, such as “My Account”, “My Profile” or “My orders”.
  • Online Stores: It will be impossible to make purchases online; should be calling or visiting the physical store if they have it.
  • It will not be possible to customize your geographic preferences as time zone, currency or language.
  • The website can not perform analytics on visitors and traffic to the website, which hinder this competitive.
  • You may not write the blog or upload photos, post comments and rate or rate content. The website can not know whether you are a human or an automated application that publishes spam.
  • No advertising may show sectioned, which reduced advertising revenue from the site.


Yes. Not only remove but also block, general or particular manner for a specific domain. To remove cookiesd’un website should go to your browser settings and there can find the associated domain in question and proceed to its elimination, as indicated in paragraph 6 of this text.


Neither this site nor its legal representatives are not responsible for the content or the veracity of privacy policies that may be mentioned in this third policy

Web browsers are responsible for storing tools cookies from this site and be able to use the right to the elimination or deactivation. Neither this site nor its legal representatives can ensure the correct or incorrect handling of cookies by browsers.

In some cases it is necessary to install the browser cookies to remember your decision not to accept them.

For any questions about this policy cookies do not hesitate to communicate with us via the contact section.

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