The escape room is perfect to form work teams within a company because it is a type of bonus game where teamwork and communication to solve the puzzles and escape


Communication, leadership, teamwork, results orientation, active listening, creative thinking…

All these issues and many more will work in our rooms with equipment 2 to 5 people.

If you are more than 5 people and want to work together to solve the mystery ….
Do not worry!

We have a room where all you can play and work in groups to build group cohesion and action from working aspects that will help you achieve excellence in your equipment.


How would your company be? And how it would affect the results ?, if your team members:

  • Knew prioritize tasks.
  • They had positive and encouraging to innovation and change attitudes.
  • Assume new and old responsibilities successfully.
  • Be flexible and adapt to situations know.

What if we told you ?, that through dynamic game can help your employees:

  • Discover natural leaders.
  • Cohere teams.
  • Communication between departments.
  • Conflict management.
  • Problem resolution.
  • Interrelation issues.
  • Teaming.
  • Teamwork.

We can create specific games to improve, evaluate skills or put people in difficult situations and see how they play and from here to discover the talent of the teams and all those aspects that could be improved to achieve excellent teams.


Job interviews, psychometric tests and assessment processes can be complemented with innovative tools where discover through play skills, potential and skills of candidates from experience and from the action.

These tools will help you in the selection process and recruitment of talent the company to identify people who are aligned with the key competencies for the company and detect behaviors that in an interview could not be detected.

A game (dynamic) can help your human resources department to analyze the teams of the company to see how people behave in different situations, which will allow you to identify a pool of talent among your teams to design career plans and retain talent company.

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